Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living (GPRL)

The Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living (GPRL), course, is a 1 year course, divided into 2 modules and is presented in partnership with the Ignatian Spirituality Center (ISC) based in Glasgow, Scotland. As the name already eludes to-  this is based on St Ignatius spirituality. The course aims to provide participants with prayer resources and reflection skills that will help them to deepen their relationship with God, become more aware of the sense and direction of their lives, make choices that reflect their self-identity within an understanding of God’s hopes for the world and develop a spirituality that shapes their response to life. The group meets on a Monday evening and also participates in 3-4 retreat Saturdays.  Click here for more info and for registration. For further information of the ISC Geneva, visit their webpage.

If interested in deepening your prayer life or Ignatian Spirituality in general, feel free to contact the for more information or browse through the Geneva Ignatian Spirituality Centre website for latest events.