The church teaches that parents are the ‘primary catechists’ of their children. Children will learn most about the faith from observing how their parents live out the faith at home, through daily prayers, family traditions and conversations about God and the faith. They will learn about the Church from attending Mass and community events at the parish.

The Catechism classes at St. John XXIII seek to supplement this learning in the home and at Mass. Our aim is to support you, the parents in your role as ’primary catechists’. 

Classes for children aged 4-13 will be weekly at 10.00-10.50 on Sunday mornings starting September 29th, 2024. See the 2024-25 Catechism calendar here.

Confirmation classes for those aged 14-16 will take place twice a month on Thursday evenings from 18.30-20.00. View the autumn calendar for Year 1 and Year 2 here.

Register here for 2024-25.

Catechism Levels at St. John XXIII


Level Age* Sacrament
Reception 4  
Prep 5  
Level 1 6  
Level 2 7 First Reconciliation
Level 3 8 First Holy Communion
Level 4 9  
Level 5 10  
Level 6 11  
Level 7 12  
Level 8 13  
Confirmation Year 1 14  
Confirmation Year 2 15 Confirmation


*Students should turn this age before July 31st the summer before classes begin.



Classes will begin at the 24th of September and run till May.

Registration for all classes will be as usual through our online registration.  

Registration is now ongoing. Deadline for registration is September 18.

Fees must be paid in good time i.e. within one week after registration. Fees can be payed via  Post Office versement , the bank or via credit card(charges will apply) or the Parish office during office hours.

Registration Fees are as follow for Sacramental Classes

    • CHF 100 for one Child in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 180 for two Children in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 200 for three or more Children in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 180 (a one time fee) for the 2 year Confirmation Programme

Note: Confirmation fees is independent of Catechism fees.

View the Enrolment by age and level here.

The Catechism programme at St. John XXIII is completely volunteer led. We always need more volunteers to help teach and inspire the young people of our parish.

We need:

  • Catechists
  • Classroom assistants
  • Confirmation small group leaders
  • Event planners
  • Fundraising coordinators
  • Service project coordinators
  • Musicians

If you would like to get involved in any way please email Anna at

For more information please read our Catechetical volunteer’s guide

“Our Director of Religious Education, Anna Berkeley was born and raised on a farm in Co. Meath in Ireland. She studied European Studies with French and Spanish in Trinity College Dublin before training as a primary school teacher in London. She taught for several years in the UK and Ireland before moving to the U.S.

There she studied for a Masters in Theology at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C. which led her to work for the Office of Youth Ministry in the Archdiocese of Washington.

In 2018 she moved to Geneva with her husband Matthew and baby son Finian. They are really enjoying life in Switzerland, and love exploring new places and going on hikes at the weekend.”

You can contact her at