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Catechism Registration

Classes will begin at the start on the 25th of September  and run until  May. Catechism registration is now open. Registration for all classes will be as usual through our online registration. Fees must be paid in good time i.e. within one week after registration. Fees can be payed to the Parish Staff at the Parish Office during Office hours, via a Post Office versement ,the bank or via credit card (charges will apply).   Registration Fees are as follow for Sacramental Classes CHF 85 for one Child in the Catechism Programme CHF 160 for two Children in the Catechism Programme CHF 195 for three or more Children in the Catechism Programme CHF 160 (a one time fee) for the 2...

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Because of the current situation we will only be offering Catechism for those preparing for first Confession, First Communion and Confirmation. This will be a mixture of online and ‘in person’ classes.The classes after Christmas will hopefully all be in the Parish House. Registration for sacramental classes will be as usual through the parish website:https://www.johnxxiii.ch/registration_system/welcome.php The deadline for Level 2 and Level 3 registration is extended till October 9. For those not preparing for Sacraments this year, we will offer a programme and classes which you can follow at home, on line as a family. We will also be here to offer support and answer any questions that you may have. Please contact Anna at dre@johnxxiii.ch for further information. You...

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