Catechism Registration

Next year we will be implementing a new Catechesis Programme at the parish. We hope to be able to welcome back all the children in person. To facilitate this change and to have a better picture of what restrictions may still be in place in the Autumn we are delaying registration until mid-August.

Classes will begin at the start of October and run until the end of May.

Registration for all classes will be as usual through our online registration.  

Online Registration is now closed.   Please contact Anna Berkeley at for further information.

Fees must be paid in good time i.e. within one week after registration. Fees can be payed to the Parish Staff at the Parish Office during Office hours, via a Post Office versement or via the bank or via credit card (charges will apply).

Registration Fees are as follow for Sacramental Classes

    • CHF 85 for one Child in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 160 for two Children in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 195 for three or more Children in the Catechism Programme
    • CHF 160 (a one time fee) for the 2 year Confirmation Programme

Note: Confirmation fees is independent of Catechism fees.