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Fratelli Tutti

In this encyclical Pope Francis lays out a comprehensive vision of how the world should change after the coronavirus pandemic. He imagines societies that are more caring, more focused on helping those in need and fundamentally less attached to the principles of unfettered market capitalism. The continuing global health crisis makes it "all the more urgent that we rethink our styles of life". Among other issues he discusses trickle-down economics, the world's unfair distribution of wealth, continued use of the just war theory and the death penalty, and populist leaders who appeal to people's "basest and most selfish inclinations". Very much in tune with his patron Saint Francis’ vision of how everything in the world is connected and related, it...

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Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday 2020 is this Sunday, 18 October. Will you join us to share God’s love with those near and far?   Why are all parishes throughout the world asked to support World Mission Sunday? World Mission Sunday is vital to the growth of the Church and the spread of the Gospel in predominately impoverished and remote areas overseas. The funds raised build much-needed infrastructure, from chapels and schools to orphanages, clinics and dispensaries. Requested by the local community, the support from Missio transforms lives and creates a hub from which the young Church can flourish and grow. World Mission Sunday is one of only three Papal collections and has been especially chosen by the Holy Father to support...

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We are very grateful to all who have provided continuing financial support during this unusual time, to those who drop off cash into the basket leaving Mass and those who pay directly through the bank and bulletin de versement Here are new exciting ways to support our parish while observing social distancing inside the church: Download the app La Quete in your smartphones and follow the simple instructions Use the ‘Twint’ QR codes located inside the Church. Donate or Pledge using your credit card [donate]

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