57 Rue De Montbrillant 1202 Geneva, Switzerland   Parish Priest: Fr Paul C Friel

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Chemin de Joie

Chemin de Joie A pilgrimage on foot will take place on April 28 (Sun). There will be a stop along the way, at the eglise protestant, Montbrillant. (opportunity for picnic, light lunch). The pilgrimage will set out from here after the 11h30 Mass. We will be joined by the francophone community of St Jean XXIII from Petit Saconnex, they will be arriving at our Parish at 12h15 for a short reflection. After Eglise protestant, Montbrillant, travel by bus 5, to Cenacle for a welcome and chance to meet Fr. Marko Ivan Rupnik the artist who created the beautiful Mosaics, that mark the chemin de Joie, he was born 28 November 1954 in Zadlog, Slovenia near Idrija. In 1973 he entered...

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Lenten Message from JPIC

In this time of Lent,  the JPIC-Laudato Si Community enjoins you to participate in an Ignatian Examen for reconciliation with God, Creation and Humanity.  This is is a tool for prayer, reflection and action to deepen one’s to care for creation and the most vulnerable.  In this time of Lent,  this Ecological examen  invites  you to reflect on your personal relationship with creation , to acknowledge and amend our ways and to promote ecological justice by standing in solidarity with those most impacted by environmental harm.   To find out more about the Ignation Examen, www.jesuit.org and www.ecologicalexamen.org Here are some texts that I took from the Ignation Examen cards and a final prayer form the workbook: Ignatian Examen (prayer...

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Religious Education Programme

Please note no catechism classes on Sunday 20th & 27th. For preparation to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, you can register online.  If you wish to become a catechist or volunteer for the Confirmation programme, kindly contact Anna Berkeley at dre@johnxxiii.ch.

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Kermesse 2019

Heartfelt thanks to the Kermesse Core  Working Team, and all our Parishioners who generously and cheerfully offered their time and service to make our Annual Parish Kermesse a great success.

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