K13-Love Foreseen

This October’s Kairos retreat for Confirmation students took place at the John Knox Centre in Grand Saconnex. The students spent three wonderful days getting to know themselves and God better. Kairos is a peer led retreat – this means the majority of the talks and all the small discussion groups are led by some of last year’s Confirmation students. Encouraged and guided by the adult team they put a huge amount of work into training and preparing for these three days.

            The result was a transformative experience for all involved. These days of retreat allowed the students to focus on their relationship with God and others and really begin to understand what it means to live as a Catholic in the world today. They were challenged to take up their God given gifts and use them to become disciples in their daily lives.


Testimonies from participants –

“Kairos deepened my understanding of Christianity and strengthened my love for God. I learnt so many new things about prayer what plans God has for us. I heard many heart-breaking and heart-warming life stories and met so many new people. It was a life-changing experience and opened my eyes to the wonderfulness of God.”


“Kairos helped me to focus on my time with God and reflect on the person I wanted to be. This retreat reminded me of His great love for us and His constant presence with us through all our lives. It helped me understand more about my values and the importance of His presence in our lives. This retreat also made me appreciate my fellow classmates a lot more. By sharing some stories with my small group and seeing each other cry and vulnerable. We were able to pray for each other, with each other and help each other grow their faith to the Lord. I became more open to them and made some friendships built from God’s foundation.”


“Kairos was a great opportunity to get to know others of my age who are also discovering their friendship with God. We sang, acted and shared experiences which were truly inspiring to listen to. Most importantly, KAIROS taught me about community. This community is so loving and I am grateful to be a part of it. I especially enjoyed hearing the talks of our leaders, and felt accepted and appreciated. “


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