Catechists Needed

The ministry of CATECHESIS is one where we are called to literally “echo and re-echo the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ!”  A CATECHIST is one who serves as a witness for Christ in ordinary things that occur in everyday living.

As Pope Francis tells us, “A Catechist is one who is called by God in very simple ways, to lead all people to encounter the Living Christ!…Catechists and ALL of us are called to proclaim the announcement of God’s love, and participate fully in the Life of Christ!”

St. John XXIII has always been blessed with a wonderful group volunteer Catechists who are dedicated to sharing and teaching The Faith to our Parish children. Their time and efforts are a blessing to us all. And NOW is YOUR TIME….have you ever considered “pitching in,” and helping with the process. As we all know…many hands make light the work. So why not consider being part of this process…on behalf of your children….. your parish family….. and your God???


If you feel the Lord has blessed you with an ability to communicate His truths to young people….We need you!!!
If you are a teacher by profession and would like to share your faith with our young people…..We need you!!
If you are not a teacher by profession and would like to share your faith with our young people…we will give you the formation and tools needed because….We need you!!
If you can listen to a child’s prayers during class….We need you!!
If you are a person of prayer……We need you!!
If you are a person in touch with the God who directs our ministry……We need you!!
Please consider how you might answer the call to be a disciple of Jesus by sharing your faith with our parish children. Our Catechesis programme runs from October through April on Sunday mornings, please contact Anna our Director of Religious Education:


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