An Appeal to Parishioners

A Letter from Fr Paul

I don’t think we’ll ever forget this period  as long as we live. The Church has definitively left her buildings and normal parish life is suspended. Everything we count on as ‘normal’ as a parish has gone. We are stumbling into a brave new world, as we try to piece together with some bewilderment what the new ‘normal’ looks like. We recognise this is an overwhelming period  for eveyone. We at the Communauté catholique anglophone want more than anything to get behind you during this period. We wanted to let you know: 

     Above all, we are praying for you. Today, we specifically prayed for

  • discernment – making wise decisions around leading your parish at this time; 
  • hope – that in this time of uncertainty our trust in God’s goodness will grow deeper;
  • innovation – that in bold and creative ways the Holy Spirit will inspire you to continue chasing your vision for your parish. 

During these weeks without Sunday Mass, if you would like to contribute to the support of the parish, you can make an e banking to the Parish, or even better, join our stewardship campaign,  The Parish account is held securely with UBS It goes without saying that parish overheads continue, even during a period such as this. Your generosity is as always most appreciated. All parishes still have bills to pay even if they are not holding public Masses, we are no different,
          With the suspension of Masses, it’s critically important that parishioners support their parish with online giving through e banking, The parish absolutely need this income  more than we ever have.

Please follow the instructions below for you to make a donation. 

1. Donations from your bank account to the Parish’s bank account at UBS. The details of the bank account are:
          Bank Transfer (No bank charges)
          St. John XXIII Parish
          UBS Account: 240-255357.00U
          IBAN: CH 76 0024 0240 2553 5700 U

2.  Cash donations in an envelope can also be dropped in the mailbox in front of the parish house.
3.  Via Bulletin de versement. If you need one, please email and we will mail them to you.

A million thanks

Fr Paul C Friel

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