57 Rue De Montbrillant 1202 Geneva, Switzerland   Parish Priest: Fr Paul C Friel

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Christmas Market Sale

Personally designed Christmas ornaments, cards, and homemade jams by our own parishioners will be on sale on Nov 24 after the masses. All proceeds go to the parish.

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Annual Parish Lottery

Every year the parish organizes a Grand Lottery as part of the parish fundraising. Ticket holders will have a chance to win a variety of over 100 prizes. Proceeds go to our outreach here and abroad and other parish needs. The list of winners for the 2019 lottery can be viewed here. Thank you to our generous sponsors.

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Theology of the Body

Love without walls the meaning of our Sexuality, Dec 1st 13h45-20h00T Theology of the Body Speaker:  Evan Lemoine will lead this event covering  4 topics: What makes our bodies theological? Breaking down the 5 walls of loneliness, The great mystery of conjugal love & The language of the body and the culture of Life. From 12:30-13:45. Youths from 14-18 years old are invited to come to Theology of the Body for teens. This is a great opportunity for the teens and our Confirmation classes to hear a dynamic and engaging talk on the Church's teaching on healthy relationships and God's plan for sexuality. For more info from Anna Berkely dre@johnxxiii.ch

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