Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday 2020 is this Sunday, 18 October.

Will you join us to share God’s love

with those near and far?


Why are all parishes throughout the world asked to support World Mission Sunday?

World Mission Sunday is vital to the growth of the Church and the spread of the Gospel
in predominately impoverished and remote areas overseas. The funds raised build
much-needed infrastructure, from chapels and schools to orphanages, clinics and
dispensaries. Requested by the local community, the support from Missio transforms
lives and creates a hub from which the young Church can flourish and grow. World Mission
Sunday is one of only three Papal collections and has been especially chosen by the Holy
Father to support the mission of the Church in the world.

Please bring your offering, this weekend, in an envelop marked MISSIO and place it in the specially marked basket leaving the Church.